Ana María Shua


Quick Fix

“The wink of an eye and we are transported to an unexpected realm. In very few impeccable lines, Ana María Shua’s micro short stories open new vistas to our peception of dreams, myths, fairy tales, even of our everyday life. To read her is to discover another dimension in fiction: small is absolutely beautiful, and thrilling, and often disquieting. Rhonda Dahl Buchanan’s translations open Shua’s world to readers of English. ” –Luisa Valenzuela

“These memorable pieces by Ana María Shua are here brought into English by way of Rhonda Dahl Buchanan’s excellent translations, and enhanced by the line drawings of Luci Mistratov. Shua’s devotion to the short short is amply illustrated in QUICK FIX. Sensual, pithy, instructive, thought-provoking, these shorts evoke the fluidity of poetry and the density of longer narrative forms. A toast to this international effort!” — Margaret Sayers Peden.


White Pine Press